The Universal Data Lakehouse™

Open storage, continuous pipelines, and automatic optimizations across table formats, engines, clouds

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The Universal Data Lakehouse

The only fully managed cloud data lakehouse designed to ingest from all your data sources in minutes and support all your query engines - at scale, for a fraction of the cost.

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Free Your Data With The Industry's Most Open Data Lakehouse

Ingest data in minutes, at scale

Ingest from databases and event streams at TB-scale in near real-time, with the simplicity of fully managed pipelines.

Support all your query engines and use cases

Query your data with any engine, and support all your use cases including BI, real-time analytics, and AI/ML.

Scale performance, not cost

Cut your costs by 50% or more compared to cloud data warehouses and ETL tools with simple usage-based pricing.

Eliminate operational burden

Deploy in minutes without engineering overhead with a fully managed, highly-optimized cloud service.

Maintain a single source of truth for your data

Unify your data in a single source of truth and eliminate the need to copy data across data warehouses and lakes.

Choose your table format

Use the right table format for the job, with omnidirectional interoperability between Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, and Delta Lake.

The Fastest Path to a Production-Grade Data Lakehouse

Ingest in Minutes

Quickly configure managed pipelines for database CDC and streaming ingestion. Keep all your data up to date with minute-level data freshness. Scale effortlessly to PBs of data on the industry’s most scalable ingestion platform.

Store on One Central Platform, Access with Any Table Format

Take advantage of hands-off data management with automagic file sizing, partitioning, clustering, catalog syncing, indexing, caching, and more. Use XTable to query your analytics-ready tables as Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, or Delta Lake.

Transform Incrementally

Transform, process, and refine your data in-place with industry-first low-code incremental processing capabilities to optimize ELT/ETL costs. Validate and quarantine bad data to ensure quality.

Query with Any Engine

Analyze and query your data with the engine of your choice - Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift, BigQuery, EMR, Spark, Presto, Trino, and more - with the widest data catalog support.

Keep your Data Secure

Onehouse is architected so that your data never leaves your account and remains protected within your private cloud. Onehouse is SOC2 Type 2 compliant. Onehouse integrates with your SSO, provides access controls, and builds on standard encryption and IAM permissions.

Why Onehouse

Finally a managed lakehouse experience.

High Throughput Streaming Ingestion

Enjoy industry-leading, low-latency data ingestion, automatically tuned in the background for optimal query performance.

Easy Change Data Capture

Efficiently merge, update, and insert all of your rapidly changing data from transactional sources with record level indexes.

Automated Data Management

Get fully managed table services that perform clustering, Z-order/Hilbert-Curves, compaction, masking, encryption, and more.

Cloud Native Tables and Metadata

Skip tracking individual files across massive data lakes - we’ll sync to your catalogs with schema enforcement and unlock SQL semantics.

Here’s how it works

Build your lakehouse in minutes, not months.

Connect your cloud account

All your data stays with you in your cloud account.

Point to your data

Choose what data you want to be organized and optimized.

Enjoy your Lakehouse

Bring any compute engine and enjoy orders of magnitude with fresh, fast data.

What Industry Leaders Have Achieved By Building Their Own Data Lakehouse


compute cost reduction


faster ETL
80% compute cost reduction
2x faster ETL
By migrating batch ETL from Apache Hive to incremental ETL on the data lakehouse, serving petabytes at minute-level freshness

$1.25 M


1 week -> 2 hours

$1.25 M savings/year
1 week -> 2 hours resync
By replacing Fivetran/Snowflake with PostgresSQL CDC ingestion to the data lakehouse, powering BI and AI from a single data platform


TB/day ingestion

> 80%

compute, storage cost reduction
100 TB/day ingestion
> 80% compute, storage cost reduction
By powering high-scale streaming ingestion from Kafka to the data lakehouse, while implementing efficient GDPR deletes on massive data sets

We Built Onehouse To Make These Results Accessible To Every Organization


Powered By Apache Hudi

Onehouse is made by the creators of Apache Hudi, the pioneering lakehouse technology now used industry wide.


Amplified By XTable

Write your data as Apache Hudi, Delta Lake, and Apache Iceberg, for interoperability across all catalogs and query engines

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