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Deploy Onehouse LakeView to gain critical insights into your lakehouse tables — at no cost.

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“Onehouse LakeView provides us all the observability tools we wanted to build for Hudi, without all of the effort.”

Shravana Krishnamurthy, Cardlytics

Optimize Your Data Lakehouse for Free

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Monitor and Optimize Tables

Access critical insights effortlessly and fine-tune your data lakehouse operations—all at no charge.

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Understand the State of your Tables

Explore pre-built dashboards to track the performance of your tables. Receive customized weekly reviews via email to help you manage data partitions and address data skew effectively.

Gain Insights in Minutes with Hassle-Free Installation

A Bird’s-Eye View of Your Tables

LakeView provides a user interface with interactive charts and metrics so you can quickly scan through the state of your tables, and dive deeper if something looks off.

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Performance Optimization

LakeView exposes a full view of data skew across files and partitions to help you diagnose performance issues and optimize your tables.

Data Issue Debugging

LakeView presents a searchable view of the timeline to help you quickly get to the bottom of issues, such as a clustering job that takes too long or is not getting triggered properly. For Merge on Read tables, LakeView generates a compaction backlog dashboard to help you identify and prevent log file build-ups.

A screenshot of the table history page.

Proactive Alerts and Weekly Reviews

LakeView allows you to configure alerts via email and Slack, triggered by metrics such as data skew or log file accumulation. You’ll also receive a weekly email summary to help you stay on top of key metrics representing the health of your data lakehouse.

No Install. No Cost. No Permissions.

LakeView has zero access to your Parquet files. There are no changes to your pipelines, and no compute footprint. Easily push your metadata, then let LakeView do the rest.


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