Optimize Your Lakehouse Tables

Accelerate performance & reduce costs with data lakehouse table optimizations for Apache Hudi, Apache Iceberg, and Delta Lake

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Advanced Tools to Accelerate your Data Lakehouse and Reduce Costs

Accelerate Time to Analytics

  • With minimal configuration updates to your existing data pipelines, uncover inefficiencies and deliver up to 10x faster analytics.
  • Enhance ingestion and query performance of all data lakehouses with table cleaning, clustering, compaction, file-sizing, and more.
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Keep Costs Down with Automation

  • Eliminate burdensome manual debugging and maintenance for table cleaning, clustering, compaction, file-sizing, and more.
  • Simply configure a few services and Onehouse will auto-tune your data lakehouse — and keep it tuned.

Observability & Monitoring

  • Track key metrics, dashboards, and pre-built visual insights about your data lakehouse to spot patterns and optimize storage and performance.
  • Understand the state of your pipelines and tables. Track key metrics with pre-built dashboards and receive customized weekly review emails so you can optimize your tables with insights into partitions and data skew.
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Eliminate Manual Tuning and Maintenance

Data lakehouse pipelines require significant manual tuning. Onehouse enables a hands-free approach to optimizing your lakehouse tables.

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Key Features for Accelerated Data Ingestion

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Intelligent incremental clustering

  • By making reads more efficient with incremental clustering, accelerate read performance and reduce overall costs.
  • Configurations include keys, layout strategy, and frequency.
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Async compaction

  • Improve write performance with async compaction to merge incoming data into the table. If you are using Apache Hudi, this is particularly useful for Merge-on-Read pipelines.
  • Configurations include frequency of runs and bytes per compaction.
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Advanced cleaning

  • Easily remove old data already committed to a table and beyond your time-travel retention policies to keep storage costs down.
  • Configurations include frequency and time travel retention policies.

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Reduction in ETL time for critical tables

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