Introducing Onehouse LakeView and Table Optimizer - Power Tools for the Data Lakehouse

Learn about LakeView, a free data lakehouse observability and management tool, and Table Optimizer, a managed service to optimize your data lakehouse tables in production.

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Jul 16, 2024 | 10am PT


July 16, 2024
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The data lakehouse is red hot. What else can power both BI and AI use cases from a single source of truth? 

If you don’t have a data lakehouse yet, you need one; if you have a data lakehouse (or several), you need to get more out of it (or all of them). 

Onehouse hears you loud and clear, and we’re introducing two exciting new offerings in response:

  • Onehouse LakeView: A free data lakehouse observability service for the OSS community,  that gives data engineers monitoring capabilities and insights to manage and operate their tables. 
  • Onehouse Table Optimizer: A managed service that optimizes existing tables, accelerates data ingestion and ETL, and increases query performance by up to 10x.

Both solutions support Apache Hudi, with planned support for Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake. Organizations using Onehouse Table Optimizer with Snowflake and Iceberg can achieve up to 2X faster query performance compared to ingesting data into external Iceberg tables for Snowflake.

So if you use Hudi, Iceberg, Delta Lake, Databricks, Onehouse, Snowflake, or other OSS projects and products that are part of the data lakehouse ecosystem, you need to watch this webinar. 

And if you don’t have a data lakehouse yet, it will give you a solid introduction. Watch it today!

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