Your Managed Cloud Lakehouse to Accelerate Ingestion and ETL

Speed up ingestion and ETL/ELT pipelines while reducing costs.

“It’s not just about managing data; it’s about empowering our operations with efficiency, reducing costs, and maintaining the integrity and performance of our data infrastructure.”

Jonathan Sims, VP, Data & Analytics @ NOW Insurance

Enjoy Ultra-fast Ingestion and ETL 
at a Fraction of the Cost

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Ingest Once, Query Everywhere

The Onehouse managed data lakehouse integrates with all the popular downstream catalogs and query engines, so once you ingest data you can query with popular cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake, real-time engines such as Pinot, and AI/ML platforms such as Databricks, all from a single copy of your data.

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Fully Managed Pipelines

Simply connect to your source data stream, database, or cloud storage, specify a few parameters, set any transformations, and your stream capture is up and running.

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Incremental Transformations

Transform your data at speed, and at a fraction of the cost. With incremental processing, Onehouse ingests and transforms only the latest data rather than entire tables.

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Keep Downstream Reports & Analytics Clean

With Onehouse, you can specify schemas and data value ranges so unexpected or bad data is resigned to a quarantine table for validation.

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Increase Speed, Not Costs

Onehouse leverages incremental processing and low-cost cloud compute and storage so you can get near real-time data while actually reducing your ingestion and ETL bill.

Advanced Features Ensure Your Ingestion and ETL Pipelines are Efficient and Clean

Fully-Managed CDC and Streaming Ingestion

Quickly deploy CDC and streaming pipelines to ingest data with minute-level freshness, at scale.

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Low-code/no-code ETL and ELT

Build data pipelines with ease. Leverage pre-built transformations or bring your own.

Data Quality Quarantine

Ensure high-quality data by enforcing rules on ingest. Failed records are quarantined separately, enabling later exploration and reprocessing of failed records.


Schema Evolution

Simplify data management by detecting and adapting to schema changes in real time, ensuring data quality and backward compatibility.


Automatically scale effortlessly - from GBs to PBs of data, and back down - on the industry’s most scalable ingestion platform.

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