Implementing End-to-End CDC to the Universal Data Lakehouse

Learn how to replicate operational databases to the data lakehouse in a manner that is easy, fast, cost-efficient, and opens your data to multiple downstream engines

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Jan 25, 2024 | 10am PST (1pm EST)


January 25, 2024
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It’s easy, at first, to run analytics directly against your operational databases - but as data volumes increase, the workloads begin to collide. It’s time to implement a system tailor-made to power interactive analytics. To run it, you need to replicate transactional data into the analytical system, ideally a universal data lakehouse that all your analytic engines can access.

Change data capture (CDC) is one of the most effective and powerful techniques for replicating mutable data. With the powerful data ingestion features of the Onehouse Universal Data Lakehouse, you can leverage end-to-end, near real-time CDC for common operational databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL Server and more. Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to avoid common CDC pitfalls, with insider tips on saving effort and cost.
  • How you can save millions of dollars compared to expensive combinations such as Fivetran and Snowflake.
  • How Onehouse manages Kafka and Debezium for you, reducing engineering overhead, simplifying operations, and minimizing cost.
  • How the Onehouse Universal Data Lakehouse can be a single source of truth for your operational data.
  • How to connect downstream engines to Onehouse for reporting, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, stream processing and more.

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