Cloud CDC

Use your Confluent Cloud cluster to stream CDC data from relational databases into Onehouse

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Change Data Capture (CDC) is the real-time process of detecting, capturing, and forwarding relational database changes to a downstream service like Onehouse. When you connect a database (eg. Postgres), Onehouse will automatically provision and manage resources in your Confluent cluster to facilitate CDC data ingestion into the lakehouse.

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Why Onehouse

Finally a managed lakehouse experience.

High Throughput Streaming Ingestion

Enjoy industry-leading, low-latency data ingestion, automatically tuned in the background for optimal query performance.

Easy Change Data Capture

Efficiently merge, update, and insert all of your rapidly changing data from transactional sources with record level indexes.

Automated Data Management

Get fully managed table services that perform clustering, Z-order/Hilbert-Curves, compaction, masking, encryption, and more.

Cloud Native Tables and Metadata

Skip tracking individual files across massive data lakes - we’ll sync to your catalogs with schema enforcement and unlock SQL semantics.

Here’s how it works

Build your lakehouse in minutes, not months.

Connect your cloud account

All your data stays with you in your cloud account.

Point to your data

Choose what data you want to be organized and optimized.

Enjoy your Lakehouse

Bring any compute engine and enjoy orders of magnitude with fresh, fast data.

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