April 3, 2024

NOW Insurance's Technical Evolution with Onehouse

NOW Insurance's Technical Evolution with Onehouse

In the rapidly evolving insurtech landscape, NOW Insurance, founded in 2019 by industry expert Philip Cabaud, stands out as a pioneer. The company is reshaping the insurance experience for modern healthcare professionals with novel data-driven, AI-enhanced capabilities. By leveraging cutting-edge predictive analytics and machine learning, NOW Insurance is streamlining insurance processes to instantly offer each customer seamless, customized, and cost-effective coverage solutions - a process that often takes weeks with competing providers.

Download the case study, Streamlining for Growth: NOW Insurance’s Data Journey with Onehouse

Proactive Adaptation for Future Growth

Anticipating further growth and expansion, NOW Insurance proactively assessed its data management infrastructure. The company recognized the need for a more sophisticated solution to address potential constraints and future challenges. This foresight led to a strategic partnership with Onehouse, significantly upgrading NOW Insurance's data management framework and analytical capabilities. The collaboration has been instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency and achieving substantial cost reductions, establishing NOW Insurance as a leader in using technology to serve its target market.

Overcoming Technical Limitations

Initially, NOW Insurance's technical infrastructure was based on a Ruby on Rails application hosted on AWS, with basic Google Analytics for data reporting. This infrastructure had the potential to limit NOW’s ability to fully harness its data down the road. But these challenges, such as the frequent schema changes in the rating engine, also provided a valuable opportunity for enhancing stability and managing the company’s increasing data volume and complexity. As they focused on enhancing ETL pipelines and effectively integrating large amounts of third-party data, they sought out a robust system for continuous, scalable data replication into their data lake without overwhelming manual input.

Strategic Implementation of Onehouse

Guided by Jonathan Sims, who brings expertise in both data engineering and machine learning, NOW Insurance embarked on a strategic initiative to redesign and rebuild their data management system using Onehouse. This solution offers the ease of use of a data warehouse combined with the scalability of a data lake, emphasizing interoperability and avoiding vendor lock-in. Onehouse excelled in executing near real-time data replication with minimal impact on operational systems and in confidently handling schema changes. Integrating technologies such as Hudi, Debezium, Kafka, and Spark, the partnership simplified the data infrastructure and enhanced the central data repository.

Enhancing Data Management and Security

NOW Insurance leveraged Onehouse's advanced storage optimization techniques to boost storage performance by up to 100 times, addressing large-scale data management challenges. Utilizing Postgres CDC and S3 data loads with Onehouse ensured the comprehensive preservation of data history, streamlining the merging of incremental updates and deletions. Running Onehouse, and keeping within NOW’s own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), minimized data duplication and transfer, enhancing data security and governance.

Looking Ahead: Fostering Innovation

As NOW Insurance focuses on advancing its machine learning and AI model development, the company plans to integrate data from Onehouse back into PostgreSQL databases and expand the volume and variety of its data. The strategic partnership with Onehouse has established a solid foundation in operational efficiency, security, and data-driven decision-making. The implementation of Onehouse's Universal Data Lakehouse architecture positions NOW Insurance for scalable growth and continuous innovation, enabling the company to proactively address future challenges and opportunities in the insurance landscape.

Download the case study, Streamlining for Growth: NOW Insurance’s Data Journey with Onehouse

For those interested in delving deeper into NOW Insurance's data journey and the technical intricacies of their partnership with Onehouse, the full case study offers a comprehensive exploration of their collaborative efforts and the resulting advances in the insurtech industry.

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