August 30, 2022

Meet the Residents of Onehouse - Darshika Khandelwal!

Meet the Residents of Onehouse - Darshika Khandelwal!

Meet the Residents of Onehouse!

August 29, 2022

We are thrilled to share our new series “Meet the Residents of Onehouse”, that shines light on all the awesome talent that is part of Onehouse. This week we have Darshika Khandelwal who is a Backend Engineer here at Onehouse. 

1) How did you first learn about Onehouse?

Nilesh Mahajan, our Head of Product Engineering, reached out to me earlier this year about the company and that's when I read up about our CEO, Vinoth and his brainchild - Apache Hudi;  his blog posts and tech talks are pretty cool. Understanding the concepts behind the lakehouse and why so many companies are going for transactional data lakes was a revelation. Onehouse fit as the perfect part of the puzzle.

2) What prior work/project experience were you most excited to bring to Onehouse?

I bring expertise in building reliable distributed systems on the cloud. Before my recent stint, I was working on a research paper on secure computation in the cloud, creating massive big data pipelines on Spark while prioritizing performance and security. More recently, I worked on building enterprise grade ingestion pipelines, collating data from multiple data sources and making sense out of that data. The field of data lakes/warehouses is new and exciting and I'm happy to do my part in making it grow.  

3) Why did you choose to join Onehouse?

I did my due diligence for some time here and spoke to Nilesh, Vinoth and Kyle (Head of Product) multiple times to get clarity on all aspects - the product vision, growth plan, the culture etc. What struck me though was the product vision. There’s a lot we have in store and these are real customer problems validated by multiple companies which are trying to make their data work for them. I knew the problems I'd be solving would be ones I'd love to rack my brains over.  The icing on the cake is doing it with a team of fantastic people.

4) What do you appreciate the most about being a part of the Onehouse team?

The team at Onehouse is the most brilliant set of engineers I've worked with. These are folks who’ve been there and built hard systems from ground up. There's deep technical expertise and an overflowing sense of learning through the day. 

5) What about being in a startup environment motivates you?

It has to be the infectious energy! Recently we all got together and had brainstorming sessions on ‘What else can our customers get real value out of’. The room was brimming with good ideas and dynamism. The passion everyone brings to the table everyday is very inspiring. 

5) If you had to choose one of the five Onehouse culture values you feel speaks to you personally, which would it be and why?

I resonate a lot with our value ‘Think Big, Act Fast’. This is what I see the team live and breathe everyday. We have a fantastic vision and big bold plans for the product. But at the same time, the attitude is that of prioritizing and building right away! For any task, big or small, there's never any hold up. Given that, what we’ve built in just the last 1 year is incredible.

6) What are you most excited to see happen as Onehouse continues to grow in 2022?

This year I'm most excited to see how we deliver significant value to our early customers. The pain points are real and I'm excited to be building a product data teams will fall in love with.


Thank you, Darshika, for speaking with the team and for all of your contributions to the Onehouse Family. 

.     .      .

If you are new to Onehouse, or just beginning to understand Onehouse makes it possible to blend the ease of use of a warehouse with the scale of a data lake, or you’ve just read these words for the first time (welcome aboard! 🚀), let us take a moment to introduce ourselves and share a little history;

Onehouse delivers a new bedrock for your data, through a cloud-native, fully-managed lakehouse service built on Apache Hudi. Onehouse makes it possible to blend the ease of use of a warehouse with the scale of a data lake. Now you can build your lake in minutes, process your data in seconds, and own your data in open formats instead of being locked away to individual vendors.


Want to learn more about Onehouse and how to join our community? Visit and say hello! You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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