July 26, 2023

Meet the Residents of Onehouse - Andy Walner!

Meet the Residents of Onehouse - Andy Walner!

We are thrilled to share our new series “Meet the Residents of Onehouse”, that shines light on all the awesome talent that is part of Onehouse. This week we have Andy Walner https://www.linkedin.com/in/andywalner/ who is a Product Manager here at Onehouse. 

1) How did you first learn about Onehouse?

I was in a community of founding product managers (first PM at a startup) with Kyle, the Head of Product at Onehouse. Kyle and I were chatting about career paths and he shared with me the exciting work going on at Onehouse. I was instantly inspired by the team’s passion and the industry-shaping product they are building.

2) What prior work/project experience were you most excited to bring to Onehouse?

I’ve always enjoyed the creative challenges that come with building products in early-stage categories.

At Google, I helped launch a data labeling network that allowed machine learning practitioners to train their supervised learning models with data that was more diverse than any solution in the market. I later joined Dashworks as employee #8, where I led Product and helped our team launch the “Google search for work”. Our small but mighty team took the product from pre-launch to serving enterprise customers like Swiggy and Invisible Technologies.

I’m excited to bring my entrepreneurial product experience to Onehouse to help our team pioneer the emerging data lakehouse category.

3) Why did you choose to join Onehouse?

I chose Onehouse for the people, the product, and the ecosystem. Onehouse is filled with folks who are team players, highly experienced, and excited by the work they do every day. Our product solves an important and growing challenge for many organizations that are storing and leveraging more data than ever before.

I’m also fascinated by the open-source data ecosystem. Building open-source technology allows us to collaborate with innovative contributors and organizations, so there is always something new to learn.

4) What do you appreciate the most about being a part of the Onehouse team?

My favorite part of working at Onehouse has been the constant learning. Our team is stacked with data industry veterans who are happy to hop on a whiteboard and step through a complex technology or architecture. The faster we learn, the more value we can provide to our customers - it’s a virtuous cycle that I find very rewarding.

5) What about being in a startup environment motivates you?

I’m highly motivated by the speed of learning at a startup. Bringing a new product to life at a startup forces you to wear many hats and frequently zoom in and out to understand the gritty details alongside the big picture strategy.

I also love the team mentality that’s necessary for a startup to succeed. We need to be on top of our game as a small team, and that means having each other’s backs every day.

6) If you had to choose one of the five Onehouse culture values you feel speaks to you personally, which would it be and why?

"Tough & Persevering" - We take hardships in stride, be positive, focus all energy on the path forward and develop a champion's mindset to overcome odds. Always day one!

I’m all about approaching challenges with a positive mindset. Building a startup is a long journey, so it’s important to find joy in the work and treat each day as a new opportunity.

7) What are you most excited to see happen as Onehouse continues to grow in 2023?

We’ve nearly doubled our team since I joined and are rapidly expanding our product’s capabilities to handle more use cases for our customers. We have a bold vision, and I’m excited to work with our talented team to make it possible.

I am also energized to see the real-world impact of the data our customers are bringing to Onehouse across a diverse set of verticals including commerce, energy, and insurance. 

Thank you, Andy, for speaking with the team and for all of your contributions to the Onehouse Family.

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