August 29, 2023

It’s Official: Onehouse is Now SOC 2 Type II Certified

It’s Official: Onehouse is Now SOC 2 Type II Certified

At Onehouse, we are very proud to have achieved SOC 2 Type II certification, based on standards set forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). SOC 2 Type II verifies that a company operates at a high level of reliability in core areas. 

The certification work for Onehouse was carried out by leading professional services company Ernst & Young. This certification is highly valued by a company’s customers, business partners, insurance companies, and others. We’ve already received positive feedback for this achievement from several of our own stakeholders. 

SOC 2 has two levels. For Type I, a Type I audit report assesses an organization’s internal controls. Onehouse achieved SOC 2 Type I in October of last year. For Type II, an audit report covers the operational effectiveness of these controls over time - from several months up to a year. Onehouse has received a positive Type II audit report, with zero deviations, enabling us to receive certification just this month. 

What’s next? Any company operating at the level required for SOC 2 Type II must work hard to maintain its certification. And Onehouse will pursue additional certifications and other official recognition as needed to help achieve our goals, which begin with helping our customers achieve their goals. 

As part of this customer focus, at Onehouse, privacy is at the core of what we do. By processing data where it resides, with far less exporting and importing, Onehouse helps you keep your data private, safe, and secure. 

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